January 2021

Different styles, tastes and picks.


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

EYES – {minuit} *Sapphire Eyes.
LIPSTICK – {minuit} *Boo Lipstick.

~ LEVEL Event is still ongoing! Get these cool items:

HAIR – Doux *Martina Hair.
EYESHADOW- Keikumu *Twiggy Eyeshadows.
POSE – Babyboo * Effie Bento Pose Set.



July 2020

FLICKR: .Beachin’.

You can never have too much Beach :3


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

FACE TATTOO – Piscot Beauty *Love Face Tattoo for Humpday Sale.
HEAD ACCESSORY – BOMI *Playful Headband [Basic]. Available in Harajuku Event.
PET – Yokai * Little Plush Parrots Gacha. Available in Epiphany Event.
EYES – Revoul *Queen Visiana Eyes.
TOP – ERSCH *Tamila Top (Sheer).
PROPS – CAZIMI *VIP Summer Chill Ice Cream.
DECOR – Pitaya *Pendulum Swing Set.

~The Girl Power Event has all the kawaii stuffs! Grab these items:

LIPSTICK – ODIO *Nianai Lipstick (GENUS) – Extra Set.
SKIN – =Meow Meow= *Nari Skin (I21/1) – GENUS

HEAD – Genus *Baby Face W001
HAIR – Doux *Jennie Hairstyle
BACKDROP – [Focus Poses] *Summer Backdrop
CHAIR DECOR – Maya’s *Beach Set


July 2020

FLICKR: .Onna-Bugeisha.

Don’t let anyone get comfortable disrespecting you.

~ I love Japanese tattoos and now I tried doing my own Japanese Female Samurai ❤
“Onna-bugeisha, are female warriors belonging to the Japanese nobility. They engage in battle, commonly alongside samurai men.”


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

SKIN – ODIO *Nana Skin Tone2 – ULTRARARE Gacha (Genus/BOM). RARE Skins comes with Blush, Lipstick, Eyeliner and Eyeshadow. Exclusive item for The Kawaii Project.
TATTOO (FACE) & PIERCINGS – Revoul *Hidden Gemiana Piercing and Face Tattoo.
POSE – Kokoro Poses *Butterfly Bento Holding Pose. Butterfly included.

~The 4 Seasons Event is now open until 29th of July. Grab these items:

TATTOO (BODY) – TAKE IT -EZ *The Crime Tattoo.
EYELASHES – .Sweetly. *Lori Lashes (Genus/Lelutka).

HEAD – Genus *Classic Face W002
Hair – Doux *Sins Hairstyle
EYE BLUSH – Just Magnetized *Eye Blush Set 03
HORNS – Avi-Glam *Demon Horns
TOP – Luas *Nanako Bra (White & Coral)
BOTTOM – Gabriel *Kataohari – Koshikimono Shiro
NAILS – Toksik *Lunar Nails
PROPS – Toksik *Isolate Katana
BACKDROP – BDROP* Kitsune Tails Artifact Store


July 2020

Don’t be weary. I will make you remember the happy memories.

.•♫•♬•SONG •♬•♫•.


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

SKIN – ODIO *Nana Skin Tone2 – ULTRARARE Gacha (Genus/BOM). RARE Skins comes with Blush, Lipstick, Eyeliner and Eyeshadow. Exclusive item for The Kawaii Project.
BOTTOM – BOMI *Bold Jogger Pants – Salmon (Maitreya Lara). Available in Flora Event.
PLUSHIES – Yokai * My Plush Friends Pt. 2.
HEAD ACCESSORY – Ananas *Telly Heads. Satellite Store: Ananas.

HEAD – Genus *Baby Face W001
HAIR – Doux *Dua Hair
TOP – -Pixicat- *Casual Outfit
SHOES – Semller * Sporty Platforms Gradient EDT Pearl
BACKDROP – Paleto *Sunset Backdrop. Table & Chair included.
DECOR – tylie// *Bento VHS Tape
– TBF * Radio Pack Version 2
– Tentacio *Smell the Day Fatpack (Food)
– Tampon Inside *VHS Home Video System
– {what next} *Sailaway Vintage Suitcase, Camera and Pile of Photos.
– Caboodle * Maneki Plushy

.Lucid Being.

June 2020
.Lucid Being.
.Lucid Being.

A human sign.

~ Thank you Hyee and Elle for taking the pic with me. Especially to Elle who allowed me to cover her face xDD



・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

HEAD ACCESSORY – Ananas *Personal Space (Universe). Available in Cosmopolitan Event

Personal Space Head Accessory is Copy/Mod and can be resized according to your liking. However, they still come with a resizing script for convenience. You might be required to remove your head accessories like hair, glasses, beard or horns which might interfere with your Personal Space!

—————————- ❤


HAIR – Doux *Elhsa Hairstyle
FULL OUTFIT – Antinatural[+] *Metamorphose2077 Gacha


HEADPHONES – Cyber Cat Headphones
MASK & OUTFIT – Antinatural[+] *Metamorphose2077 Gacha

BACKDROP – The Bearded Guy *Inside you


June 2020


You’ll always be “young” in someone’s eyes and “old” in someone else’s eyes, “talented” to a friend and “terrible” to another. The world’s never gonna agree on a definition of what you are, so you might as well ignore that shit and be whatever the fuck you wanna be for yourself.

~Why is SL being overly toxic nowadays? Honestly, it is making me tired and unmotivated (c_c)

——————————————————————— ❤


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

SKIN – ODIO *Miso Skin Gacha Tone2 (Genus/BOM). Available at Equal10 Event.
EARS – ANDORE *Rock Mesh Ears [PRO]
OUTFIT – | TANAKA | *Fittonesu Set Outfit
ACCESSORIES – | TANAKA | *Megane Glasses & ChainX choker.
TATTOO – TAKE IT -EZ *Face Tattoo.

—————————- ❤

HEAD – Genus *BabyFace W001
HAIR – Doux *Cassie Hair
LIPSTICK – Izzie’s *Black Lipstick
SHOES – Bleich *Warning Sneakers
BACKDROP – Paleto *Memphis Backdrop
—————————- ❤