.Lucid Being.

June 2020
.Lucid Being.
.Lucid Being.

A human sign.

~ Thank you Hyee and Elle for taking the pic with me. Especially to Elle who allowed me to cover her face xDD



・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

HEAD ACCESSORY – Ananas *Personal Space (Universe). Available in Cosmopolitan Event

Personal Space Head Accessory is Copy/Mod and can be resized according to your liking. However, they still come with a resizing script for convenience. You might be required to remove your head accessories like hair, glasses, beard or horns which might interfere with your Personal Space!

—————————- ❤


HAIR – Doux *Elhsa Hairstyle
FULL OUTFIT – Antinatural[+] *Metamorphose2077 Gacha


HEADPHONES – Cyber Cat Headphones
MASK & OUTFIT – Antinatural[+] *Metamorphose2077 Gacha

BACKDROP – The Bearded Guy *Inside you