.Magical World.

June 2020

FLICKR: .Magical World. ~ .Magical World (Close-up Shot).

The Magical World of Mako

~ I enjoyed taking this shoot. Thank you Mako, Hunkaa and Chrollo for the fun shoot! Sorry Mako if you have to redo your pose for 5x! This picture is dedicated to you 😀 ❤

~I also uploaded the close-up shots ^^



・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

SKIN – ODIO *Miso Skin Gacha RARE2 (Genus/BOM). Available at Equal10 Event.
EARS – ANDORE *Baby Mesh Ears. Exclusive item for Kinky Event .
NAILS – CAZIMI *Glam Tip Nail Appliers.
ACCESSORIES & POSE – +Dreamcatcher+ *Sparkling Fun Gacha ~ RARE1: Flower Headband, Bubble Maker & RARE2: Pose.
OUTFIT – -Nomi- *Carina Top & Skirt. Available in Kustom9.


SEAT PROPS – Ananas *Slingshot Seat. Available in Shiny Shabby Event
PLUSHIES (FLYING) – Yokai * Plush Ocean Gacha. Grab it in ACCESS Event .

~MIIX Event will be open on 30th of June. Grab this cute monster in the event:

PLUSHIES (SEATING) – .Blume. *Petite Monster (Holdable/No Pose)

POSE – YKZ4 *Hugging Wolf Pose. Props included.

———————————————————- ❤

HAIR – Amitomo *Choose Happy Gacha Hair – RARE
SANDALS – REIGN *Lyra Sandals
RINGS – {Yummy} *Adel Rings
BACKDROP – Irrisistible *Wild Library Backdrop

———————————————————— ❤



June 2020

FLICKR: .Sisters.

Side by side or miles apart sisters, will always be connected by the heart

~ Mako and I had the chance to take a picture in a nice sim called “Dream Village” owned by Dolceluna Myoo . The place is really beautiful and you can rezz poses as well, as long as you join the group. Here is your taxi:

TAXI: ** [Dream] ** Village


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

SKIN – ODIO *Miso Skin Gacha RARE2 (Genus/BOM). Available at Equal10 Event.
LIPSTICK – Neutra x Alchemist *Fruits Lip Ice. Both worn by Mako & me.
EARS – ANDORE *Love Mesh Ears. Worn by Mako ❤
NAILS – CAZIMI *Astral Nails Applier (Maitreya)
—————————- ❤


HEAD – Genus* BabyFace W001
HAIR – barberyumyum* L12 Hair
EARS – Momochuu *Strawberry Love Ears – RARE
CHOKER – Nani *Flower Choker
DRESS – :uzu: *Bibi Look
RINGS – Candy Crunchers *Moon Bento Rings
PROPS – =Zenith= *mimion (Group Gift)


HEAD – Genus *Strong Face (Gift)
HAIR – Amitomo *Lady Sunshine Gacha – RARE Hair
EARRINGS – monso *Flower earrings (Group Gift)
DRESS – Cheezu *Bombom Dress (Group Gift)

—————————- ❤


June 2020

FLICKR: .Hide.

Hide! They’re coming.


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

SKIN – ODIO *Miso Skin Gacha RARE2 (Genus/BOM). Available at Equal10 Event.
TOP – KitCat *Flowtorn Tee. Available in Cosmopolitan Event .
FACE TATTOO & ACCESSORIES – Revoul *Love me Like Face Tattoo & Septum Ring.
PANTS – | TANAKA | *Fittonesu Pants
TATTOO (BODY) – TAKE IT -EZ *Living Life Tattoo

—————————- ❤

HEAD – Genus *Strong Face Gift

HAIR – Doux *Lulu Hairstyle
EYE BLUSH – Just Magnetized *Eye Blush Set 03
CHOKER – e.marie// *Lexi Chokers
RINGS – Swallow *Runway Bento Rings
SOCKS – [VALE KOER] *Thermal Socks
SHOES – [VERSOV] *Kaizov Limited

BACKDROP – Minimal *Subway Station Backdrop. Available at Equal10 Event.

.Lucid Being.

June 2020
.Lucid Being.
.Lucid Being.

A human sign.

~ Thank you Hyee and Elle for taking the pic with me. Especially to Elle who allowed me to cover her face xDD



・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

HEAD ACCESSORY – Ananas *Personal Space (Universe). Available in Cosmopolitan Event

Personal Space Head Accessory is Copy/Mod and can be resized according to your liking. However, they still come with a resizing script for convenience. You might be required to remove your head accessories like hair, glasses, beard or horns which might interfere with your Personal Space!

—————————- ❤


HAIR – Doux *Elhsa Hairstyle
FULL OUTFIT – Antinatural[+] *Metamorphose2077 Gacha


HEADPHONES – Cyber Cat Headphones
MASK & OUTFIT – Antinatural[+] *Metamorphose2077 Gacha

BACKDROP – The Bearded Guy *Inside you

.The End.

June 2020


We will fight till the end.

~Aenigma Event by Acadia SL Events is now open until July 15th. Here is the taxi: Aenigma Event: Bad Lands


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

EYESHADOW – CAZIMI *Brazen Eyeshadow
HAIRBASE & FACE TATTOO – Revoul *Shortcakiana Hairbase & Love me Like Face Tattoo.
ARM ACCESSORY & SHOES – UNA *Elys Boots & Arm Warmers. Available at We Love Role-play Event.
ARM & LEGS TATTOO – TAKE IT -EZ *The ABC’s of Death (Group Gift)

The Bad Lands emerged at Aenigma Event . Grab these items:

LEFT EYE – Guhit *Millenium Eyes
OUTFIT – Sass *Linkin Outfit
WEAPON – Skellybones *Survivor’s Cutlery
MASK/GAG – Seka’s *Rusti mask/gag

—————————- ❤

HEAD – Genus *Strong Face (Gift)

HAIR – Doux *Boyfriend Hair
NAILS – Toksik *Lunar Mesh Nails
GOGGLES – Imbue *Cyber Bae Goggles
RINGS – Swallow *Runway Bento Rings

—————————- ❤

Chrollo Lucifer’s CREDITS:

Available at Harajuku Event 

EYES – Gloom. – Kuroshitsuji Collection – Annafellows Effect

FACE TATTOO – HARANA: My Goddess – Belldandy Markings

REDPROP – [Legion] LGN-720 Proto Managarmr[Legion] Shadow Jaw 


 HEAD – Lelutka: Skyler


HAIR – A&Y Dext Cyber Hair (Male) Black

EARS – L’etre: Basic Mesh Ears & Swallow: Gauged Ear

EARRING – [CX] Heavily Nailed


ACCESORIES – /fake society/ chain necklace; GB::G-Necklace & ANTINATURAL[+] Wired Ghost

ARMS – [ContraptioN] SK3LET0 Series Prosthetic Arm


June 2020


You’ll always be “young” in someone’s eyes and “old” in someone else’s eyes, “talented” to a friend and “terrible” to another. The world’s never gonna agree on a definition of what you are, so you might as well ignore that shit and be whatever the fuck you wanna be for yourself.

~Why is SL being overly toxic nowadays? Honestly, it is making me tired and unmotivated (c_c)

——————————————————————— ❤


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

SKIN – ODIO *Miso Skin Gacha Tone2 (Genus/BOM). Available at Equal10 Event.
EARS – ANDORE *Rock Mesh Ears [PRO]
OUTFIT – | TANAKA | *Fittonesu Set Outfit
ACCESSORIES – | TANAKA | *Megane Glasses & ChainX choker.
TATTOO – TAKE IT -EZ *Face Tattoo.

—————————- ❤

HEAD – Genus *BabyFace W001
HAIR – Doux *Cassie Hair
LIPSTICK – Izzie’s *Black Lipstick
SHOES – Bleich *Warning Sneakers
BACKDROP – Paleto *Memphis Backdrop
—————————- ❤


June 2020

FLICKR: .Sawayaka.

Be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude, and a lady with class.

~ My lady-like avi :p


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

Palette *Lisa Skin (Lelutka/Genus/BOM), Lisa Eyeliner & Lisa Eyebrow Shape. This skin is compatible with Spicy Body *V3 (BOM) . Skin is available in Harajuku Event .
ANDORE *Sofia Earrings. Exclusive for Ebento Event
CAZIMI *Cupcake Nails (Maitreya).
MARI Luxx *I’m Busy! Okay? Tote Bag Gacha – RARE.
Sephoria *Don’t Care Pose.

Available in 4 Seasons Event until 29th of June:

LoveCat Store *Carmen Dress
Lyrical B!zarre Templates *Lucia Necklace

—————————- ❤

HEAD – Genus *Strong Face (Gift)
Hair – Wasabi *Hanami Windblown Mesh Hair
RINGS – Candy Crunchers *Moon Bento Rings
BACKDROP – Minimal *Santorini Backdrop


June 2020


Let’s have fun in the sun.

~Thank you to this two hyper cuties <33 Chrollo Lucifer’s & Yuki.

—————————- ❤

・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

SKIN – ODIO *Miso Skin Gacha Tone2 (Genus/BOM). Available at Equal10 Event.
EYESHADOW – Piscot Beauty *Mimi Eyeshadow. Exclusive for The Makeover Room .
NAILS – CAZIMI *Cupcake Nail Applier.
PLUSHIES – Yokai * Dolphin Fairytale Gacha. Grab it in Kustom9 Event .
POSES – Sephoria *Besities Pose.

4 Seasons Event is now open until 29th of June. Grab these items:

OUTFIT – [Ari-Pari] *Tropical Ruffle Dress
ACCESSORIES – Lyrical B!zarre Templates *Lanie Earrings & Necklace

—————————- ❤

BACKDROP – Focus Poses *Beach Backdrop


HEAD – Genus *Strong Face Gift
HAIR – Amitomo *You Do You Gacha Rare ( Kustom9 Event )
EARS – random.matter *Eura Ears
EYEGLASSES – [Fetch] *Chloe Glasses
BAG – Tentacio *Amy Look Outfit Bag
RINGS – Candy Crunchers *Moon Bento Ring


HEAD – Genus *Strong Face W001
SKIN – ODIO *Miso Skin Gacha A1 (Genus/BOM). Available at Equal10 Event.
HAIR – Kuni * Ashley ( ACCESS *Anniversary Group Gift)
OUTFIT – [Ari-Pari] *Sunny BabyDoll Dress (Gift). Available at 4 Seasons Event

POSE – Sephoria *Besities Pose.


OUTFIT – Pilkadots & Moonbeams *Clementine Dress.

Sephoria *Adora Pose


June 2020


People are afraid of themselves, of their own reality; their feelings most of all. People talk about how great love is, but that’s bullshit. Love hurts. Feelings are disturbing. People are taught that pain is evil and dangerous. How can they deal with love if they’re afraid to feel? Pain is meant to wake us up. People try to hide their pain. But they’re wrong. Pain is something to carry, like a radio. You feel your strength in the experience of pain. It’s all in how you carry it. That’s what matters.

~Jim Morrison

~Dedicated to all people who are hurting right now. May it be physically, emotionally and mentally. <33 

—————————- ❤

・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

NAILS – CAZIMI *Astral Mesh Nails
BODY TATTOO – TAKE IT -EZ *Bacott Tattoo
FACE & HANDS TATTOO – Nabang *Shiner Applier

—————————- ❤

HEAD – Lelutka *Vera Head
SKIN – Boataom *Ren Lelutka Applier
HAIR – tram *H0814 hair
EARS – random.matter *Eura Ears
PROPS – [ kunst ] *Cigarette #1
OUTFIT – toksik *Indulgent Robe
TEARS – Cureless(+) *Collyrium Tears

—————————- ❤


June 2020


Lucilfer: I like that one, babe! I want it! I need it!

Ary: But, you can’t get it..

~ I’m trying the Lelutka head again ^_^
Thanks for the picture babe Chrollo Lucifer’s xD

—————————- ❤

・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

SKIN – Palette *Cleo Skin (Lelutka/BOM). This skin is compatible with Spicy Body *V3 (BOM) . Skin will be available soon at Salon 52 .
BLUSH – CAZIMI *Cruel Summer Blush. Available at 80’s Theme Event .
GLASSES – +Dreamcatcher+ *Pastel Sunglasses. Available in Ice-cream Cafe Hunt .
BACKDROP – +Dreamcatcher+ *Geometric Backdrops Gacha – RARE. Exclusive for Lootbox Event .
—————————- ❤

HEAD – Lelutka *Vera
HAIR – Miwas *Kiki Hair
EYEBROWS – [::JesyDream::] *Mikoto Eyebrows
EARS – random.matter *Eura Ears
SANDALS – [VERSOV] *Spiceov Sandals