April 2020

~ Hi sis @Neri! Sorry late upload na. Cute mo ❤️😁. BTW, these past few days I noticed that I’m struggling with making my pics to look good. I’m stressing out too much 😭😅. Welp, I guess thats what overthinking can do😞. But, thanks to my ever supportive yet grumpy 😆 bf @Lucilfer Chrollo Izekeal for the long patience and helping me to chill 😘😘😘

~On the other hand, these cookies from ANDORE looks like the biscuits from Rebisco in RL. Hence, the name of this post. 😆😋 Looks yummy though .

————————— ❤


・゚🎀 Featuring 🎀゚・

SKIN – ODIO *Mia Skin. Check out ODIO FLICKR account.
EYEBROWS – Avoixs *Serena Eyebrows.
EYELINER – Avoixs *Cozzy Eyeliner.
SWEETS (COOKIES) – ANDORE *Fruit Cookies Gacha. Available at Tres Chic Event.

—————————- ❤

HEAD – Genus *Baby Face Gift
HAIR – Doux *Yuka Hair
EYES – AviGlam *Influencer Eyes
EARS – Momochuu *Baby Ears
HORNS – MS Designs *Baby Horns
EYELASHES – more more *eyelashes 3
CHOKER – e.marie// *Lexi Choker
OUTFIT – HAZY *Mimi Look Rare
TUMBLER – Tentacio *Pingu Shake

—————————- ❤


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